waiting out the weather


Position    N  40°49.93  W  73°43.22

After anchoring last night the wind started to pick up, as forecast by the marine weather station. All day today the winds have been from the west at 30 to 50 knots, and the waves here in a protected harbor are 2 to 3 feet in hight and very choppy.

The weather station also posted storm warnings for today. I have decided to stay here until the storm passes, or at least moderates. Right now I am rocking and rolling. it’s almost as good as if I had my rocking chair !!!. I will sleep well tonight.

The AIR-X wind generator has been acting strange, one minute it charging up to 60 amperes then it makes allot of noise and stops generating. After reading the manual it seems what’s happening is when the wind reaches a speed of 50 miles/ hour it goes into a stalling mode and shuts down for 5 min. then try’s again. it’s been on and off all day.


Position    N  40°49.93  W  73°43.22

As you can see I haven’t moved much, and I won’t be until the weather calms down. according to the marine weather that should be Sunday night. I hope to be able to get fuel and water Monday morning and be on my way. I miss Ron and Dan, they were good shipmates. Ron plans on joining me again in December, and I am looking forward to that. Also more and more as time goes by I am missing my “cuddle bunny” Barbara,she is always good company as we share the same values and ideas, it’s going to be a long seven months, but I will be seeing her for Christmas.

During the day I can look out any time I hear a noise, or check my position to be sure the anchor is holding. At night it’s a whole different ball game. There are so many different noises, lines clanging wind blowing through the wires, waves slapping against the hull, the wind generator sounding like a fright trains whistle, and the boat bobbing and moving side to side. I get up sometimes to try and be sure the boat hasn’t broke loose, but it’s very hard at night in the dark.

Love to all
ESP my cuddle bunny

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