position same as yesterday

Today I was finally able to pull up anchor and go to the fuel dock. The last two days I wasn’t able to run the cabin heater because I was almost out of fuel, and it was getting a little cold.

After filling up I broke down and took a slip for the night, $45 I can’t believe I did it. The first thing I did after tying up was to go up and take the longest, hottest shower I have had in a long time, I think I used $45 worth of hot water.

Afterwards I took out my folding bike and made two trips into town for supplies, one of witch was a new boat hook. It took two trips because I can only carry so much at a time.

I’m feeling better today than yesterday, the dishes are done (something I hate and keep putting off until there are no more clean ones)and I am finally can get going again.

Barbara has agreed to call and wake me at 2:AM. I must leave at that ungodly hour to be able to go through Hell Gate with the outgoing tide, otherwise It’s a battle against 4 to 5 knots of current.

The Dock master told me that they clocked 75 MPH winds on Thursday. He was very surprised when he heard that I was anchored out and said that I must have a very good anchor.

Love to all
ESP my Diane

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