Position N 39°47.35 W 74°05.32
Mileage 62.28 Nautical Miles
Trip miles to date 160.5 NM

At 2:AM, I’m not usually in a good mood, add to that the cockpit GPS wouldn’t power up things started off bad. I tried everything to get it going, turning it on and off a few times shaking the wires, heck I even tried kicking it, nothing worked. So I left the dock at 2:30 with just my paper chart of the East River and New York Harbor, my compass, and a spotlight. Then I ran across a Tug driver who must feel the same as me about getting up in the middle of the night, or forgot to take his nice guy pill, or maybe he didn’t any last night. Anyway he got on his hailer (loudspeaker) and started yelling at me about passing on the wrong side, or not letting him know my every move, I don’t know? So I showed him. I have a hailer also, and I didn’t take my happy pill either, and I’m not getting any at all, and I told him just were he could put his TUG. I wasn’t afraid because he was going in the other direction and pushing a barge, so I knew he wasn’t going to come after me.

Anyway I got through New York safely, and guess what, the chart plotter decided to work, maybe it didn’t like getting going at that early hour either? It was nice going through the city in the dark with the city all lite up. I especially enjoyed seeing the Stature of Liberty all lite up. She just gives me an awesome feeling anytime I see her.

After that it was straight down the coast of New Jersey.

Congratulations to my granddaughter Nicole for an all A’s report card!!!!

Congratulations also to Scott and Debra on their new Fountain 38 Go Fast boat!!!

Love to all

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