11/17/2003 Monday
Position N 39°13.09′ W 74°37.58′
About 20 NM South of Atlantic City
Mileage today 44.32 NM
Trip miles 204.80 NM

Another day of motoring, still no wind and flat seas. I passed Atlantic City today, it seemed to go on forever then as it got dark I could see it behind me with all the lights. I had a visitor today, a small bird spent about an hour on the boat. He was very friendly and landed on my shoulder, my head, and my legs several times as I sat there. He must of thought I was a soft statue. I tried to give it bread crumbs, but he wouldn’t have any. He gust kept looking for small flies that I seem to be picking up around here.

As you can see it’s been a pretty boring day.

Love to all
ESP Mommy Jess

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