Cats and Thai Boys

The following two blog posts are reproduced from posts to the (now defunct) “Gay Boy Thailand” blog. They were recommended to me by my friend Jeff, and having found traces of them via the Internet Archive, I reproduce them here.

Note that I don’t agree with all of these comparisons, but I do think it’s a somewhat useful tool in helping to understand Thai/western cultural differences.

What cats & Thai boys have in common
12 April 2008

  1. They come and go as they please.
  2. They can be friends with you and live with you, but you can’t really own them.
  3. They may disappear suddenly and without explanation.
  4. They may suddenly come back without explanation and without telling you what they have been up to.
  5. They show up when it is dinner time.
  6. They may love you, but you really can’t be sure since they are not saying.
  7. They like a good cuddle, but only when it suits them.
  8. Maybe they get food from more than one sponsor.
  9. You wonder what they are doing out in the streets late at night.
  10. They are so cute that you forgive them.

temple cat / patong, thailand

What cats & Thai boys have in common
14 April 2008

I see people are having a great time adding to my list over at Sawadtee Forum. But I am not done with my own list yet. More things cats and Thai boys have in common:

  1. Their ambition in life is to sleep, eat, and have fun.
  2. The claws come out when they defend their territory.
  3. It is difficult to tell them what to do.
  4. When they are offended they turn their backs on you and avoid eye contact.
  5. They can get spoiled, insisting on having everything their own way.
  6. They think that they are entitled to our love, attention, and support.
  7. They are lazy but can show surprising energy if they want something.
  8. They don’t read books and don’t ponder the deeper questions of the universe.
  9. They are always clean.
  10. They are certain that their view of the world is the only right one, and they think that we are a bit dim for not getting it.

wary tom / koh panyee, thailand

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