& This web site uses fonts from TypeKit. I selected the fonts for a combination of readability and a casual, script-like feeling. I literally spent weeks looking over font books trying to find something that felt like 'me'. I hope you enjoy my choices. As a side note, I resisted using the font 'Apertura' for the body text. (“Too contrived!”, I kept saying to myself.) But in the end, it really was the font that felt best.

Cronos Pro Caption


Italic Cronos Pro Caption is used for headers. Created by Adobe type designer Robert Slimbach, Cronos is a sans serif typeface family that embodies the warmth and readability of oldstyle roman typefaces. Because it derives much of its appearance from the calligraphically-inspired type of the Italian Renaissance, Cronos has an almost handwritten appearance, setting it apart from most other sans serif designs and making it an effective choice for text composition. The italic design was inspired by early chancery style italics and is both elegant and distinguished.



All non-heading text on the site uses Apertura by Betatype. Apertura was designed with a screen based interfaces in mind. The round, geometric skeleton provides structure while humanistic proportions and slight tension in the connectors add warmth. The family also features a condensed version for utility and body text, where a higher character count is required. The type designer Christian Robertson splits his time between type design and interface design. Through Betatype, Christian has published several commercial types available through Veer and MyFonts. As the Director of Visual Design at the San Francisco based UI firm Punchcut, Christian has worked on screen design and interface projects for international consumer device manufacturers and service providers.