sailing at last

Position N 38°35.80′ W 75°04.34
Mileage 43.75 NM
Trip 248.57 NM

Sometime during the night I awoke to all kinds of noise, I couldn’t sleep so I got up to try and quiet things. This is just some of the things I found. A whiskey shot glass rolling and hitting the wall in the bar with each roll of the boat, can goods sliding around like bumper cars, and the dishes doing the same. then all my stuff in the head was on the floor so I picked that up and put that in the sink, then I put towels in with the caned goods and dishes. Then I had to go outside to secure the boom that was swinging back and forth, I did that quick, it was very cold out there in my underwear.

By the time I rolled out of bed it was 9:AM, the boat was pitching and rolling so that I couldn’t make my coffee. I put up the mainsail, raised the anchor and was underway in no time. After that I set the Jib, set a course and went down to make my mug of brew. It felt so good to be sailing again, it is the first time since Ron & Dan left. By noon time the winds had slowed to only 7 knots, not enough to make good headway so I started the motor.

This renewed my spirit, I have been wondering if I would complete this adventure, but now I now I am going to make it all the way!!!

By the way my little bird friend returned at 3:30PM out of nowhere and I am out of sight of land, and 30 miles from where I left him last. I am sure it is the same one he is so friendly he walks around me while I work the sails (I think he’s a stowaway), I feed him crackers and he seemed to like that, then he disappeared again?

At 4:PM the wind picked up again and I have been sailing since it is now 5:30 and I plan to sail on as long as I can.

Love to all
ESP Standard

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