Position N 37°22.41 W 75°44.34
Mileage 38 NM
Trip 286.57 NM

Tuesday was as good as it gets, Wednesday on the other hand was a day from hell. It started out with 3′ to 4′ waves when I started out and went down hill from there, by noon the wind had built to 35 to 40 knots, and the waves from 12′ to 15′. I felt like I was in the “perfect storm” as I give the motor more gas to climb the waves and then fall of the back side and crash into the next wave sending tons of water flying into the air. Every once and awhile a huge wave would come at me from the side of the boat(or abeam)and looked like it would break right over the boat, but at the last minute the boat would go over on it’s side and then rite itself as the wave passed underneath. Twice waves came from behind and broke over the stern and filled the cockpit with water, some of it getting into companionway and down into the boat. I couldn’t leave the helm and put in the companionway door.

The autopilot was unable to handle the force of the waves and kept going off course, so I had to be at the helm all day, and do the navigation at the same time. By 3:30 I was so tired I was looking for some place to duck into for the night. Finally I found an inlet called Great Machipongo Inlet, made my way in “bottomed out a few times” and finally dropped the hook. I was so tired I couldn’t write my log, and that is why I’m writing today.

My brother Donald called to wake me at 5 AM as I hoped to go out on the high tide, but when he called the wind was still blowing at over 30 knots, so I decided to stay another day and try again tomorrow.

All this and troubles with the boat has given me second thoughts about continuing the trip. I must decide by morning because each day south means two days more to go back, it’s a tough decision. Ron can’t get back until around the 20th of December Which means I’ll be alone for another month.

My body tells me to turn around and go home, but my mind say’s if I go back I’ll hate myself afterwards. Who’s to know????

Love to all
ESP Lovely Carmella

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