Position N 37°01′.29 W 76°14′.55
Mileage 49.10 NM
Trip 335.67 NM

Well it was mind over body, I decided to keep going south. After talking to Ron, Barbara “cuddle bunny”, my brother Don, and my son Don and bouncing my thought’s off of them I felt that if I didn’t give this my best effort that I would be forever sorry. Plus if I ever get to were I can’t go any farther, I can always find a marina to store the boat for the winter. It would be same as storing it back home. It was my decision and mine alone, I am not counting on anyone to do anything they may not wish too. I do not want to put presser on anyone. Anyway after making the decision I opened one of Ron’s bottle of wine, Blackstone Winery’s California Merlot, I do not recommend it, it was a “mediocre merlot” but it helped me fall asleep.

This morning at 6AM the tide was high and I very slooly made my way out of the inlet I had come into from the storm on Wednesday. Once out I turned south and headed for Chesapeake Bay, and Norfolk, Virginia where the start of the Intracoastal Waterway “ICW” starts.

Tonight I am anchored just outside Norfolk, I will go in in the morning, find a marina for the night and go into town for supplies and do laundry, I am beginning to turn my shorts inside out and wearing them for the second time. Now I am going to take a nice hot shower, have dinner, finish the “mediocre merlot”, and go to bed.

Love to all
ESP My little Sister Connie

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