Position N 36°50′.51 W 76°17′.89
Mileage 16.10 NM
Trip 353.55 NM
Motor hrs. 174

Today I entered Newport Harbor, what a busy place. There are all kinds of navel ships, I even saw four subs. Then there are all the container ships, oil ships, even ships delivering coal. One ship was lifted completely out of the water on some kind of barge. Ships are being worked on all along the harbor, even at night with lights, you can hear and smell the work going on.

In yesterday’s log that I fulfilled one of my goals, when I was younger I drove over the Chesapeake Bay bridge and tunnel. After going through the tunnels, I said someday I would like to go over them in my own boat, that was like 35 years ago, well yesterday at exactly 3:05 PM I went over one.

Tonight I have taken a slip in one of the marinas. I got fuel, water, did some laundry, and took a long hot shower. It’s nice to take a shower and leave the water running. On the boat you wet, soap up, rinse, all in about 3 min. not to use to much water.

This afternoon I took out my folding bike and went shopping. I restocked the food supply, and was able to find new drawer rails for the ones on the drawer under my bed that’s always jumping off track when the boat bounces around. I was also able to find a new toilet seat for the toilet in my head. It broke off in that bad storm of a few days ago, with me on it!, luckily nothing else got broken. 🙂

The marina I am staying in is at mile .04 of the ICW. The ICW starts here at mile marker 0.0 and goes to mile 1,095 in Miami. It is different from the open ocean as it is measured in land miles not nautical miles, so tomorrow I will be reporting in St miles.

LOVE to all
ESP Grandma Deb

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