another good day

Another good day, 2 in a row, wow!!. The weather started out overcast and then the fog got thicker as the day went on. By 3:PM viability was down to less than 1/2 mile so I got to try out some new toys. First was the Radar to tell me what was around so I didn’t go bumping into things. Then I got to use the automatic fog horn feature of the VHS radio, it was real neat, It sounded a loud long horn every 2 min.. I know all of you women are saying “men and their toys!”

It was another motoring day. I’m not what you could call a purist about sailing. My feeling is I will go where the wind takes me, as long as it takes me where I want to go.

Right now I’m anchored in a small bay just east of New York City. I arrived here after the fuel dock closed for the day and they wanted $1 per/ft. to tie up to the dock till morning when they opened, that’s $45 for this boat. I am to cheap for that so I motored out a couple of hundred feet and dropped the hook, that’s free.

Tomorrow I will go down the East River, Hell Gate, and through the city. I find that so exciting !!.

Love to all
Esp. Cooky

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