Position N 35°40′.38 W 76°05′.82
Mileage 44.62 NM
Trip 440.46 NM

Left Mariners’ Wharf at 8:AM and immediately put out all sails, it was great to be sailing again. I sailed through the rest of the Pasquotank River, across Albemarle Sound, and into the Alligator River. I had another bridge opening today. It was a single-pivot swing, there are so many different kinds of bridges.

The scenery has bee very quit, crossing the Albemarle I couldn’t see land, and the Alligator is lined with barren trees standing in water lining both shores. There is no visible habitation. Tonight I am anchored in a small cove called Winn Bay. It is very small, and with the scenery, it reminds me of a scene in African Queen.

I am having trouble sending my logs out so when they do go out there will be more than one.

Love to all
ESP my brother Don

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