Position N 35°12′.59 W 76°05′.82
Mileage 48.75 NM That is 56.05 land miles
Trip 489.21 NM

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Yesterday started with a 21.3 mile land cut called, Alligator River-Pungo River Canal. At ICW mile 125.9 I went under Wilkerson Highway Bridge, with only 64′ clearance. My mast is 63’6″ plus I have a rather tall light that I added to the top of the mast. I crept at idol speed an watched as the mast kept getting closer, when the the mast reached the bridge and started to go under I didn’t think it would make it, but the only thing that hit was the wire antenna for the VHF, and that bent as we went by then sprang back up. The light couldn’t have missed by more then 2″. One good thing is now I won’t be afraid of 65′ bridges, witch most fixed bridges are.

Once on the Pungo River and Pamlico River I was able to sail for about two hours. At mile 135.7 I made a wrong turn and ended in town of Belhaven before I realized I was going the wrong way, that set me back a bit. Next was the Goose Creek and Bay River mile 149.7 to mile 166.8. It was along this section that I read the channel markers wrong and went aground. It took me a while but I was able to back out and back on track. With no tide in this area to lift you I would hate to get really stuck.

At mile 155.2 I came to a 4 mile land cut that went under the Hobucken Highway Bridge, a 65′ fixed bridge, which I went under without hesitating. At mile 159.7 I came to a small cove on the right of the main channel and decided to anchor. I forgot to mention that I have started seeing Shrimp boats.

Today Thanksgiving Day I decided to stay put and relax. It’s raining and as I write this I am feeling very lonesome for home and the people there. I will be glad when I see everybody for our Christmas break. I will also be glad to have Ron back after that, as handling this boat is getting to be tiring for my old body.

Love to all
ESP to Andy from Pepre

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