Position N 36°44′.01 W 76°17′.65
Mileage 19.19 NM
Trip 395.84 NM

At the end of the Dismal Swamp Canal the ICW joins the Pasquotank River. We followed this winding, twisting river through a few bridges”it seems so strange to have these bridges open just for me at my command” into Elizabeth City, NC. There we stoped at Mariners’ Wharf. There are no facilities here, but the slips are free for two days stay. There is an 89 year old gentleman named Fred Fearing here who assigns slips, and then invited all of us, there are 3 boats that came in, to a wine and cheese party at his house at 4PM. Apparently he does this every day, and has been doing it for twenty some years. He has been written about in many guide books.

Tonight I hosted a wine and cheese party on the Phoenix with Bert and Sharlatta Bobbins aboard Bonne Chance, and Kris ? a young man on a small ketch.

This afternoon I went to a marine store and found a new VHF antenna, and after the wine the two men hoisted me up the mast to replace the one that fell off.

Love to all
ESP Cuddle Bunny

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