better day

Position N 34°12′.92 W 77°48′.92
Mileage 37.71 NM — 43.40 Land miles
Trip 596.02 NM

Today was a much better day, still cold, but bearable. I went aground twice today, once this morning and once this evening when I was trying to find a place to anchor. This is becoming a bad habit. Luckily so far I have been able to get myself off. I gave up trying to anchor and went back and took a slip for the night. I filled up on fuel and water, so I should be good for a while. I had three bridge openings today the first I missed by 15 min. because of the grounding so I had to wait 45 min. because they will only open on the hour.

I am noticing that the homes along the waterway are becoming much more luxurious, and many more are built of brick. I took a picture of one that was for sale, it was marked price reduced to $1,695,000 ” bargain”. I am also seeing some porpoises, so far I have seen 4 at different times and places. it seems strange to see these large mammals in such a small and shallow channel.

Love to all
ESP ED Happy birthday ED

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