Position N 35°57′.89 W 75°59′.45
Mileage 36.81 NM
Trip 558.31 NM

Today was so cold I froze my Arss off. As you can imagine I am not having a very good day, it’s a sell it day. Whenever I have a really bad day I think of selling the boat. I have been having allot of those lately. I keep hoping that things will get better, maybe it will get warmer, or I won’t go aground. I know I am supposed to be going South, but it seems that the ICW is constantly going West?? Every afternoon the sun is reflecting right into my eyes from the water.

I will be happy when Coyote gets back on board for many reasons, but mostly so he can take over the log. I never was very good at writing. If it wasn’t for spell checker I wouldn’t even attempt it.

It is now 6 PM and I am going to bed bundle up to keep warm and not get up until 7 or 8 in the morning.

Love to all

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