Position N 35°54′.84 W 78°22′.24
Mileage 36.00 NM
Trip 632.02 NM

After spending the night at the Bridge Tender Village Marina, I got an early start. I can’t believe I went a whole day without going aground. Today I went through Myrtle Grove Sound and the Cape Fear River to Casino Creek. It is hard to find things to write about. It is always the same thing, pretty boring really.

I had a fairly good day, it wasn’t to cold. At 2:30 I found a place to anchor so I decided to stop early. After setting the anchor I made myself a good dinner. I found some summer squash in the frig. that Dan left so I cut two Yellow and one Green, then one onion and about 6 cloves of garlic. I sautéed it all in olive oil. It was outstanding. I also opened a can of whole berry cranberry sauce and warmed that up. Then I opened a bottle of wine, and had a dinner fit for a king.

After cleaning up I sat down with my glass of wine to listen to a recorded book. I had my noise canceling headset on and listening to Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, when by some miracle I heard a commotion outside. I opened the door to look out and found two kayakers, one was in the water the other was yelling for help and trying to hold on to his friend while they were being swept off with the strong current. I can’t believe I heard them with all the hatches closed and listening to the book. Anyway by the time I got the dinghy in the water and the motor started they had been swept far down the river. By the time I reached them the man in the water could no longer feel his legs. I managed to pull him into the dinghy, and while the other man held on to to the dinghy I brought them back to there sailboat, which was anchored not far from me. the poor guy was froze, the water here is 52°. It doesn’t take long at that temp…

Love to all
ESP Kerri

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