Qué Será Será

I came to an abyss, deep and wide. Behind me lay a happy and prosperous life leading web development for what is arguably the world’s best employer. Beyond the abyss  lay uncertainty. I took a few steps back and with a yell that was equal parts terror and defiance, I ran forward and launched myself across the chasm.

And now here I am, crouched on the far side, beginning my new life. I’ve left my job. My family and I are preparing to move to Southeast Asia early next year. Thailand will be our initial base of operations.  My husband Dan will continue to be an International Consultant of Mystery. Our boyfriend Bobby will continue to find people perfect pied-à-terre retirement homes. I will write full-time about travel and humanity.

This site will get more stories and more photography. Due to my new base of operations, the stories will be focused on life in Southeast Asia, India, and the South Pacific islands, with occasional adventures elsewhere.

At the moment I’m on the Fijian island of Waya Lailai, staying at a resort run by the nearby villagers of Namara. It’s very much a remote island resort. The bures (‘huts’) are thatched, and occasionally a scream from a nearby hut indicates that a Spider of Unusual Size has dropped down from the rafters. Laundry service is provided by a local villager using a plastic tub and a clothes line. There is a ‘hot water’ valve in each shower, but it is an empty promise.

This afternoon there was a small rebellion amongst the Australians when they learned that the resort had run out of Earl Grey teabags, and there wouldn’t be more until tomorrow’s boat arrives. And perhaps not then. Offers of green tea were laughed at, bitterly. Members of the Commonwealth take their teatime seriously.

The resort doesn’t have power since the main generator exploded last week. I’m assured that they will turn on the backup generator at dinner time. (There are no clocks anywhere, or even a concept of ‘time’, so we will know it is dinner when we hear a large muscular man drumming on a hollow log.)

The meals consist of local fruit, including juicy wedges of strawberry papaya, freshly-caught fish, sticky brown rice, and mutton curry. There is a sweet and spicy sauce that (much like Sriracha) can be poured over anything to make it even more awesome.

The ocean is sapphire, the villagers friendly, and the possibilities endless.

Life is good.

12 thoughts on “Qué Será Será

  1. omg… does this mean that you will be helping people like me (60-something Marinite who could work from anywhere with an internet/phone connection who keeps thinking about living in different (lovely tropical/otherwise interesting and a lot less expensive) places around the world) … actually make the monumental move and actually do it???

    • Let’s team up and be Ron’s neighbor. XD

      I can work anywhere where I can grow, distill, and use medicinal plant oils to help combat disease. I would love to learn what that area has to offer in healing plants. 😀

    • They survived (I think) but they are being held in Customs, pending a letter from the Ministry of Education saying that I don’t have to okay duty.

  2. Amazing and congratulations!!! 😀

    You just may find me stowed away in a large crate, so don’t be frightened. 😉

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Everyday provides a reminder of how right the decision was. I only wish the same for you.

  4. Several times each day, and every day, a new encounter will cause you to ask yourself the rhetorical question “Did I make the right decision?”. Confidently, and with deepening smile lines you shall answer: “Yes. Yes, I did.”

  5. wow that is soo awesome? do you guys need a wife? I cook delicious meals and cleaning is my hobby:)

  6. So happy for you Coyote. And really glad that your light is gracing more places on the planet. Mariah

  7. Congratulation Ronny. After reading the story, it seems like you were born and raised in Fiji!!!
    Good luck Ron!!

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