Ping Pong

So this is a thing in Thailand.   Actually, it’s a bunch of things, most of which I don’t understand and I’m afraid to Google. What do you think, gentle readers?  Should I investigate further?

(From the Department of Thailand Stereotypes that are Surprisingly Accurate)

ping pong & more / patong, thailand

ping pong with pictures / patong, thailand

ping pong for three / patong, thailand

ping pong with elvira / patong, thailand

ping pong with furry / patong, thailand

Luckily, romance is not completely dead.

jacob / hancock, new hampshire

2 thoughts on “Ping Pong

  1. Umm. Never mind the “ping pong,” that’s for straight/drunk tourists. Have no fear. You need to go about 600m farther inland. 🙂

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