The Mill / Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Woonsocket, Rhode Island is an old mill town, just across the border from my home town of Bellingham, Massachusetts.  Home for a niece’s graduation, having my camera, I spent some time finding a way to break into one of the old mills.  I was successful.

The mill was familiar to me.  I’d worked as a cook at a local Dunkin’ Donuts during high school.  I was willing to work the swing shift, and old mill workers would stop by for a coffee before or after work.  I was a shy and awkward 16-year-old.  The guys (and some of the gals) would tease me, and once they sent prostitute back into the kitchen, pre-paid.  I was horrified and sent her away, mumbling something about health codes, though I do remember her being fairly cute.  Sigh.

walking the tracks on a summer's day / woonsocket, rhode island

exit to the left, toilet to the right / woonsocket, rhode island

waiting for spontaneous human combustion / woonsocket, rhode island

where's the body / woonsocket, rhode island

the serpent / woonsocket, rhode island

step up for a pick-up game / woonsocket, rhode island

the weight of time builds character / woonsocket, rhode island

helpful advice from your friends at aetna / woonsocket, rhode island

peeping ron in the ladie's loo / woonsocket, rhode island

the gruff but lovable mascot / woonsocket, rhode island

The dog was there, sitting in the middle of an empty floor.  He didn’t seem to mind my passing through.

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12 thoughts on “The Mill / Woonsocket, Rhode Island

  1. These are wonderful – you get a real sense of the work environment of the mill.  I am worried about the dog -why is it there, who put it there and should you rescue the dog so it is not torn apart by critters.

    • Nope, this is a different mill.  Still there, for now.  At the beginning of the second paragraph is a link to the Google Maps view of the mill I photographed…

  2. Reminds me of the old mills that I worked in while in high tech in NH!  I miss them… so much character.

  3. That’s amazing! Some really nice shots in a very interesting local. I would love to have been there!

    (and what about the cute ghost in the pink bathroom? did he mind you being there?)

  4. Ron, I too as a young man went to work with may maternal grandfather who was a watchman and boiler operator in a mill such as this, looks like a woolen processing mill in your photo. The lanolin from the wool would seep into the wooden planks over time.  The one I went to was on Clinton St in Woonsocket. A lifetime ago. Good luck in the Bay Area. I lived out in that area for many years from Walnut Creek to Vallejo, Santa Rosa, Navato. Visited Sausalito many times very quaint.
    Richard Lussier Woonsocket resident now in Tennessee.

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