O.M.G. it’s hot here. Really hot, in the high 80’s. And humid. The air is saturated. And did I mention the heat? The ancient walls of the old city are Pollocked with mold. Water drips onto the sidewalks, condensing on air-conditioned window panes.

The only respite comes at night, and even then the temperature and humidity persists. For most of the residents air conditioning is not an option, so they adapt. Men wear only shorts and flip-flops. Women wear the skimpiest of bikini tops (over their often-ample bosoms.)

For many of the Cartageneros, the only respite is to stop moving, preferably somewhere with some sort of breeze. If you’re fortunate, you can rest on the city walls, where there is often a sea breeze. For most of the residents, the breeze of passing taxis must suffice.

Even Colombian artist Fernando Botero’s full figures are often seen recumbent, languorous in the heat, waiting for the cool of night for their city to come alive once more.

en guardia / cartagena, colombia

buitre & la muralla / cartagena, colombia

looking out / cartagena, colombia

disfrutando de la brisa / cartagena, colombia

bastón / cartagena, colombia

malos sueños / cartagena, colombia

la sombra / cartagena, colombia

el botero / cartagena, colombia

6 thoughts on “Languor

  1. I’m glad I’m not alone in noticing and complaining about the Caribbean heat and humidity.  We were lucky to have relatively dry heat in Cartagena last January, but Santa Marta and Parque Nacional Natural de Tayrona was really hot and muggy!  Rich loved it; I hated it (the heat, not the place or people).

  2. Luis, don’t these images of relaxation just make you want to go *back*!  Ron, your lens captures the mood perfectly!

  3. Meanwhile, in the vicinity of Trestlehouse ™, the cool fresh air is just scraping past 63F, the sun is high in the sky, natives are friendly, and the ambiance beckons me out of doors and away from this laptop!

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