Walking around Cartagena, I come across an alley painted with the most amazing collection of graffiti.  It’s at the intersection of Carerra 9 & Calle 29 in the Getsemani neighborhood, also known as the ‘outer walled town’ of Cartagena. The graffiti is notable for its creativity as well as for being in an out-of-the way alley where only locals would normally be walking.  Here are some of my favorite pieces…

kind of blue / cartagena, colombia

studies in male pattern baldness / cartagena, colombia

the dancing cat and the moon / cartagena, colombia

abu ghraib / cartagena, colombia

the jailor / cartagena, colombia

what's coming / cartagena, colombia

7 thoughts on “Graffiti

  1. Very good shots!  Rich and I missed out on these.  We found some beautiful wall paintings in the Candelaria district of Bogota instead.

  2. WOW.  Absolutely gorgeous!  Human artistry found in surprising places can be so exhilarating!

  3. Definitely of the quality of what passes in our museums as “outsider” art.  Loved the blue cat!

  4. thanks for documenting some of the folk art of Cartagena.  (although i don’t know about the tag ‘british columbia’.)

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