One of the things I love about travel is that you see the most amazing things.  It’s not your traveling that causes these these things to occur or to be visible. It’s being outside of your comfort zone, not taking your surroundings for granted, and seeing everything with an outsider’s eye. (These are the same reasons some people don’t like to travel.)

The wall painted with a life-sized rendition of Maria Elena’s dancing abilities may be quite common on the small island of Santa Cruz del Islote, but to me it seems beautiful, full of joie de vivre, and campy all at the same time.  Here are some images from the trip that took me by surprise and delighted me.

maria elena is a great dancer / santa cruz del islote, colombia

peligro inflamable / colombia

effects of abrasion / san juan nepomuceno, colombia

jesus, mary, and yamana / guatapé, colombia

no tocar la tuba / el peñol, colombia

uncomfortable shower / el peñol, colombia

say hello to my little friend / guatapé, colombia

comparte la magia a el estadero 'don diego' / parque los salados, colombia

bashful ghost on the panamerican / vereda malteria, colombia

laundry day / el peñol, colombia

truck stop / santa rosa de osos, colombia

truckstop cook / las cruces, colombia

asteraceae / los nevados, colombia

helianthus / los nevados, colombia

horse in the fog / los nevados, colombia

milk horse / los nevados, colombia

new york / popayán, colombia

stop / popayán, colombia

And from Ecuador…

parhelion / el juncal, colombia

chifa chinese restaurant / otavalo, colombia

purple camoflage / mitad del mundo, colombia

broken jesus / mitad del mundo, colombia


6 thoughts on “Colombiana

  1. We had LOTS of fun on your trip Ron!  Thank you for giving us this vicarious adventure – so beautifully photographed, and colorfully narrrated.  We slightly less intrepid travelers are lucky to get to go along with you to see the world.  Now if we could only find a Gossip Llama hat…..

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