The Cattle! They are Everywhere!

(From the Department of India Stereotypes that are Surprisingly Accurate)

2 thoughts on “The Cattle! They are Everywhere!

  1. In my home state, Gujarat, the Brahma cattle are everywhere. The irony of this is that one day out of the year the cows are celebrated, but the rest of the year, they are not looked after. Many are found eating garbage, plastics bags (also prolific in Gujarat) and this garbage often kills the cows with a slow and horrible death. The plastic bags stay in the stomach or get caught in the intestines. Though I respect the “idea” of this, the follow through totally does not make sense. take care of them year round, not just one day of the year- Do I sound bitter? Their eyes are beautiful and full of emotion.

    • I agree, the cattle were often very thin and were eating trash (and cardboard boxes.) If they were respected, they would be given parks and fields where they could graze.

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