Most of the preparations for our wedding have been made. We’ve selected readings, hired musicians, and gotten (most) of the RSVPs back. I think it’s going to turn out okay.

But we haven’t written our vows. I’m working on them constantly in my head. I keep thinking “these are the stupidest vows in human history”, but then I think about all of the people I’ve known in my life, and I think “probably not.”

It’s tough, though. I’m writing a promise to Dan, the most important person in my life. A promise that I’ll want to keep always (that’s the idea, right?) Part of me wants to write vows that will be easy to keep. Another, larger part of me wants to write vows that epic and romantic and which will honor the most amazing friend I’ve ever had. Therein lies the conflict and the difficulty… to write the strongest vows that I can keep.

Back to work…

vows page 1

vows page 2

What do you think?

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