Heading Down-Cape

We drove down to Provincetown today, marriage license in hand. My dad and his girlfriend Barbara came along. We’re in the home stretch.

Most of the planning is complete. We’ve rented the Land’s End Inn for the entire weekend. We’ve scheduled the ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Meetinghouse, and we’ve been discussing the ceremony with Reverend Allison Hyder for weeks. Chester Restaurant is reserved for the reception. A florist, photographer, and videographer have been hired. We even have a case of assorted sea shells for decorating the restaurant.

Even my vows, which worried me so much, seemed to all come together a few days ago. I wrote them out, then re-wrote them, and they seemed right. (Dan and I are not sharing our vows with one another before the ceremony, but we compared word counts. He has 160 words, and I have 207.)

After the 12 years of engagement, 7 months of wedding planning, 2 months of invitation RSVPs, and endless family turmoil, it’s nice to finally be here. Dan and I keep looking at one another and saying “I can’t believe we’re actually getting married!” We’re wearing stupid grins like two kids in love for the first time.

Thank you, Massachusetts.


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