today i lost my crew

More bad luck. I lost my crew. Yesterday Ron had a very bad day, he was so sick, I have never seen someone that seasick.  When he started shivering it made me worry.

The sailing was great with 24 knot winds gusting to 32 knots. The water was very choppy with the current going one way and the wind the other it made the waves 4 to 5 feet high and very steep and confused.

At about 2:30 Ron was fidgeting with the chart plotter, and I knew something was up or he wouldn’t be in his condition. After finding Stonington harbor on the chart he asked if we could motor in, and I agreed. At 4:PM we dropped the hook and settled in for the night.

After a long talk, Ron, Dan, and myself decided it was best if they left for the present, and rejoin me later in the Caribbean for the trip through the Canal.

This morning we called Ron’s brother Don who lives 11/2 Hrs. away in Connecticut to come and pick them up. As we motored to the dock to meet Don we noticed a bad vibration coming from the engine compartment. What we found was scary, the cuppling connecting the motor to the propeller shaft had lost 3 of it’s 4 bolts. Now I am stuck tied to the dock waiting for the dealer to send a mechanic.

Sitting here writing, I can’t help but wonder what will happen next. On our shakedown cruise even though we had equipment failure every day was a good day. So far on this trip it’s been one bad day after another. Oh well as they say “a bad day on the sea is still better than a good day at work”.

I love Ron and Dan very much, and I know how much they hated to leave, but it was the right choice. I look forward to seeing them in the tropics.

Love to all
esp. Barbara

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