’twas the night before departure

Despite over a year of planning, it seems like everything is happening at the last minute. In the past two weeks, I’ve installed a completely new suspension, bumpers, sound system, inverter, alarm, and interior lighting into the van. I’ve bought insect repellent, anti-fungals, a portable toilet, and a number of antibiotics for different types of infections. My van is completely full of stuff. I suspect I’ve overpacked, but I can’t think of anything that I would want to make this trip without.

I was supposed to head out to Mammoth Lakes for Syncro Safari today, but I’m not going to make it. My current plan is to head out tomorrow, which is the official ‘arrival day’ anyhow. I went out today and bought a large number of veggie burgers and sausages to serve during ‘pot luck’ night.

Things will be easier when we’re on the road. When at all avoidable, I plan on eating in restaurants, which will eliminate the need to carry food.

Tomorrow morning I’ll go over everything in the van again. I’ll see if I can dump anything, though I suspect I won’t be able to. Then I’ll head out, meeting Jim Davis and company towards nightfall.


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