June 5, 5:30 pm

Walking to class today for the first time, I passed un joven wearing a ‘Java One’ camiseta. I felt a weird cultural shift… Java One is going on in San Francisco right now.

The first day of classes was exhausting. Tres horas de conferencia, una hora de conversación, comida, y dos otros horas de conversación. Luckily I’m not the stupidest student en clase.


This block was hit hard in the big quake… several people died in the building next door. There is a man working on restoring one of the front rooms of this casa. He’s covered in adobe dust so thick that his skin and hair appears uniformly gray. It’s raining on and off this afternoon. Just now it started again. The workman is slowly coiling a rope, ignoring the rain. I’m watching out the window as the raindrops hit him, one by one. He slowly winds the rope, looking more and more like a silver leopard.

I’m going to do my tarea [homework], eat crepes for dinner, and then take the night off.


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