I got home three days after leaving Saskatchewan. The ‘noise’ I’d mentionedback in Michigan had been a carbon exhaust gasket disintegrating. As Iarrived in California, *another one* disintegrated, and I pulled noisilyinto European Motorsport for an end-of-trip repair session. In addition tothe gasket, I’d developed an oil leak from the oil pressure sensor, which isapparently a very expensive operation to fix. (Owww…. the price forowning an older car.)

I’ve been reintegrating into modern society fairly well, though the loss ofmy independence and freedom was a little irritating. The comfort and loveof a relationship makes it worthwhile, but the transition is a littledifficult. Luckily, Dan’s a (non-secular) saint.

I’ll probably take a month-long hiatus from my journal, continuing this fallwhen Dan and I go to France for a month with our friends Sorin and Heather,as well as their two wonderful kids. That will be a journal of a differentnature… more ‘A Year in Provence’ than ‘On the Road’. Stay tuned ifyou’re interested.


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