Memories of Thailand

A last few visual memories of my Thailand trip. Denis was right… I fell in love with Thailand, its people, food, and landscape, its warm nights and warmer smiles.

football practice / bangkok, thailand

jacob / hancock, new hampshire

prèt á porter / silom road, bangkok

at the end of the soi / hua hin, thailand

petch / phuket, thailand

the blessed buddha / phuket, thailand

lighting the lanterns / hua hin, thailand

the mototaxi drivers / bangkok, thailand

the recycler / bangkok, thailand

the tuktuk driver / bangkok, thailand

the field trip / near patong, thailand

christmas friends / hua hin, thailand

jacob / hancock, new hampshire

jacob / hancock, new hampshire

jacob / hancock, new hampshire

morning meditation / ao khanom, thailand

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