477 ways to say ‘penis’

In Linda Watanabe McFerrin’s class on “Writing Sexy Stuff”, she presented a list of 300+ terms for vagina, but she didn’t have the masculine version of that literary genital smorgasbord. With the help of some friends, I fixed that.

Know any others?  Let us know in the comments below!

Adolph, AIDS baster, Alabama Black Snake, Albino Cave Dweller, Anaconda, Ankle spanker, Baby-maker, Baby’s arm holding an apple1, Bait-and-tackle, Bald-headed yogurt slinger, Baloney baton, Baloney pony, Banana, Basket, Battleship, Beaver basher, Beef whistle, Bell on a pole, Bishop, Bob Dole, Boner, Bookworm, Boomstick, Braciole, Bratwurst, Bud2, Bulge, Bum tickler, Burrito, Bushwacker, Cack, Candle, Cervix crusader, Choad3, Chopper, Chub, Chubby, Chup, Chut, Cigar, Clam hammer, Cobra, Cock, Cornholer, Cranny axe, Crotch vomiter, Cucumber, Cod, Cum gun, Custard launcher, Cut, D, Dagger, Deep-V diver, Dick4, Dickie, Dicktator, Diddle, Digger, Ding dong mcdork, Dingaling5, Dingus, Dink, Dipstick, Disco stick, Doder, Dog head, Doinker, Dong, Donger, Dora the Explorer, Dork6, Dragon, Drill, Drum stick, Dude piston, Easy Rider, Eggroll, Electric eel, Energizer bunny, Excalibur, Family jewels, Fang, Ferret, Fire hose, Flesh flute, Flesh tower, Froto, Fuck rod, Fuck stick, Fuck truck, Fudge sickle, Fun stick, Gash mallet, Gearshift, German helmet, Gigi, Groin, Gun, Hammer, Hanging meat, Hard on7, Heat-seeking moisture missile, Ho wrecker, Hog, Hose, Jackhammer, Jimber, Jimmy, John, John Thomas8, Johnson9, Joystick, Junk, Jurassic pork, Just-in-beaver, Keilbasa, Kickstand, Kidney scraper, King sebastian, Knob, Krull the warrior king, Lance of love, Lap rocket, Leaky hose, Lincoln log, Lingam, Little Bob, Little Elvis, Lizard, Lolipop, Long Dong Silver10, Longfellow, Love muscle, Love rod, Love shaft, Love stick, Luigi, Main vein, Man meat, Man’s best friend, Manhood, Mayo shooting hotdog gun, Meat constrictor, Meat injection, Meat popsicle, Meat Puppet, Meat scepter, Meat stick, Meat thermometer, Meatsicle, Member, Meter long king kong dong, Microphone, Middle leg, Middle stump, Moisture and heat seeking venomous throbbing python of love, Mongoose, Monster, Mr. Happy, Mr. Knish, Mr. Sniffles, Mr. Winky, Muff marauder, Mushroom head, Mutton dagger, Netherrod, Ol’ one eye, Old boy, Old fellow, Old man, One-eyed monster, One-eyed trouser snake, One-eyed wonder weasel, One-eyed yogurt slinger, Package, Pecker, Pedro, Peen, Peepee, Peeper, Pencil dick, Percy, Peter11, Piece, Pied Piper, Pig skin bus, Pink oboe, Piss weasle, Piston, Pleasure pump, Plonker, Pludge, Plug, Pocket rocket, Poinswatter, Pole, Popeye, Pork sword, Porridge gun, Prick, Private eye, Private part, Pud, Puff the one-eyed dragon, Purple helmet, Purple-headed yogurt flinger, Purple-helmeted warrior of love, Putz12, Quiver bone, Ramburglar, Rod, Rod of pleasure, Rodger13, Rooster, Root, Roundhead, Salami, Sausage, Schlittle, Schlong, Schlong dongadoodle, Schlort, Schmeckle, Schmuck, Schnitzel, Sconge, Sebastianic sword, Shaft14, Short arm, Single barrelled pump action bollock yogurt shotgun, Skin flute, Slit-eyed demon, Sludge pump, Slut slayer, Snot rocket, Soldier, Spam javelin, Spawn hammer, Spitting cobra, Spout, Steamin’ semen truck, Stick shift, Surfboard, Taco warmer, Tallywhacker, Tan banana, Tassle, Tent peg, Tent pole, The Artful Throbber, The Bone Ranger, Thing, Third leg, Throbber, Thumper, Thundersword, Tinker, Tiny Tim, Tockley, Todger, Tonk, Tonsil tickler, Tool , Torpedo, Trouser snake, Trouser trout, Tube snake, Tubesteak, Tummy banana, Tuna torpedo, Twig & berries, Twinkie, Uncle Reamus, Undercover brother, Vagina miner, Vein, Veinous Maximus, Vlad the Impaler, Vomit rod, Wand, Wang, Wang doodle, Wanger, Wanker, Weapon of ass destruction, Wedding tackle, Wedding wrecker, Wee, Weenie, Weewee, Weiner, Whoopie stick, Whore thermometer, Wick, Wiener, Wiener schnitzel, Willy, Wing dang doodle, Winky, Womb broom, Womb ferret, Womb raider, Woody womb pecker, Worm, Yingyang, Yogurt gun, Zucchini

Spanish terms for ‘penis’

Bicho15, Cabeza de gato16, Chorizo, Chota17,  Garcha18, Nabo19, Paronga20, Pene, Pico21, Pijo22, Pinga23, Pipi24, Pito25, Polla, Rabo26, Taladro de carne27, Turca28, Verga29

Other languages

Bengal: ধন30

Finnish: Mulkku, Pili, Pippeli, Siitin31, Penis32, Kikkeli, Kyrpä33

French: bijou de famille34, bistouquette35, bite36, poireau37, popaul38, quéquette39, queue40, teub41, vier42, zboub43, zizi44, zigounette45, zguègue46, zigounette47, zizi48, zob49

Germany: Nudel, Schwanz

Hindi: गुप्तांग50, जननेंद्रिय51, लन्ङ52, लोडा53

Indonesia: Ayam jantan, Burung54, Butuh55, Detektif, Jago, Kemaluan laki-laki, KeranKontol, Mata-mata, Palak, Panalagan56, Reserse, Zakar

Japanese: ちんこ57, チンチン58, ちんぽ59, ちんぽ60, ちんぼこ61, にくぼう62, 太マラ63

Korean: 거시기64, 고추65, 귀두66, 남근67, 딕68, 똘똘이69, 성기70, 소중이71, 육봉72, 음경73, 자지74, 조지75, 존76, 존슨77, 좆78, 철수79, 친친80

Mandarin: 小鸡鸡81,  屌82, 男人那话儿83, 老二儿84, 肉笛85, 阳具86, 阴茎87, 鸡巴88

Papiamento:89 Bala90, Banana91, Basora92, Cabes di Totolica93, Colebra94, Cos95, Dolo96, Patin97, Palo98, Penis99, Pilinchi100, Saco di webo101, Troshi102, Webo103, Worst104

Portugese: (Brasilian) Cacete, Caralho105, Jeba, Falo, Mastro, Pau106, Pica, Pinto107, Piroca, Pistão, Verga

Romanian: belita108, cocoş109, cocoşel110, pulă111, puţă112

Russian: женилка113, пенис114, пиписька115, писька116, сосиска117, хрен118, хуй119, член120

Tagalog: arroyo, batuta121, batuta, Batuta ni Drakula122, boto, burat123, dako, dakota, et-et, ibon124, kargada125, manok, nota126, paltak127, Pedro, pitoy128, potoy, pototoy, ratbu, saging, Saging ni Pacing129, supot130, tandang, Talong ni Badong131, tarugo132, tektek, titi, tule133, tuli134, turat, uten, utin

Thai:135 กระจู๋136, กระเจี๊ยว137, กระดอ138, ไข่139, ควย140, งวงช้าง141,จู๋142, เจ้าหนู143, น้องหนู144, ลึงค์145, หัวควย146, หำ147, องคชาต148, ไอ้จู๋149, ไอ้เจี๊ยว150, ไอ้หนู151

  1. The term comes from a Lenny Bruce routine about African-American men (“Their wangs look like a baby’s arm with an apple in its fist”.) Thanks to Denis for burning this into my brain.

  2. Common on English-colonized Caribbean islands

  3. A penis that is wider than long

  4. Was used to as a synonym for “fellow, lad, man,” in the 1550s, also a rhyming nickname for Rick, short for Richard, one of the commonest English names. It has long been a synonym for “fellow,” and so most of the slang senses are probably very old. The meaning “penis” is attested from 1891 in British army slang.

  5. From the Chuck Berry song

  6. literally the term means “a whale’s penis”

  7. specifically an erect penis

  8. Derives from the name the leading man in D.H. Lawrence’s novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, who shared his name with his appendage. The book was made famous by the obscenity trial it landed Penguin Books in during the 1950s.

  9. Perhaps related to British slang John Thomas, which has the same meaning. First noted by the OED in 1863 in Jrnl. Trip across Canada by the unfortunate WB Cheadle , relating how his neck, face, and the organ in question were all frozen.

  10. via Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

  11. First usage is from 1902, probably from the identity of the first syllable.

  12. from the Yiddish ‘puts’, literally meaning ‘finery’

  13. Probably derived from the Old English hroði gār, meaning ‘fame-spear’

  14. Who’s the black private dick
    That’s a sex machine to all the chicks?
    Ya damn right!

  15. Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic

  16. Ecuador

  17. Argentina, Uruguay

  18. Argentina, Uruguay

  19. Spain

  20. Argentina, Uruguay

  21. Chile

  22. Spain

  23. Cuba

  24. Panama, Peru

  25. Mexico

  26. Spain

  27. Chile

  28. Nicaragua

  29. Mexico

  30. pronounced ‘dhon’

  31. used by children

  32. used by children

  33. vulgar

  34. literally, ‘family jewels’

  35. a childish term

  36. considered vulgar

  37. considered funny (literally ‘leek’)

  38. considered funny (a typical parrot name)

  39. a childish term

  40. considered vulgar (from ‘pool cue’)

  41. a vulgar term pronounced reversed in Verlan

  42. considered vulgar

  43. based on arabic

  44. a childish term

  45. a childish term

  46. based on arabic

  47. a childish term

  48. a childish term

  49. based on arabic

  50. pronounced ‘guptang’ — means ‘private parts’ and may be used for both male and female genitalia

  51. pronounced ‘jananendriya’ — means ‘genitalia’ and may be used for either sex

  52. pronounced ‘lund`’ — common slang

  53. pronounced ‘loda`’ — common slang

  54. liternally ‘bird’

  55. vulgar

  56. Polite term for ‘penis’

  57. pronounced ‘chinko’

  58. pronounced ‘chin chin’ — used mostly by children, derives from the onomatopeia ‘chinchin’ referring to a ringing or tinkling sound, as is made when a man urinates

  59. pronounced ‘chinbo’

  60. pronounced ‘chinpo’

  61. pronounced ‘chinboko’

  62. 肉棒, pronounced ‘nikubou’

  63. pronounced ‘futo mara’ — literally ‘big penis’

  64. pronounced ‘guh shi ki’ – slang for penis mostly children in elementary school and middle school

  65. pronounced ‘go chu’ — a formal term for ‘penis’

  66. pronounced ‘gwee doo’ — a term for the penis tip

  67. pronounced ‘nam geun’ — an older term that was common slang and translates to “men’s root”

  68. pronounced ‘dick’ — adopted from English by young people

  69. pronounced ‘ddol ddol ee’ — slang used mostly by adults

  70. pronounced ‘sung ki’ – a formal term for penis

  71. pronounced ‘so joong yi’ – a cute term that can refer to both male and female private parts

  72. pronounced ‘yuk bong’ – slang from the chinese characters that translate to ‘meat pole’

  73. pronounced ‘eum kyung’ — the formal term for ‘penis’

  74. pronounced ‘jaji’ — a word meaning genitalia that can be used for both male and female parts

  75. pronounced ‘joji’ – a different way to pronounce ‘자지’ (‘jaji’)

  76. pronounced ‘john’ — short for the english word ‘johnson’, used by the 20-30 age group

  77. pronounced ‘johnson’ – the English word, used by the 20-30 age group

  78. pronounced ‘jot’ – slang for penis used by everyone in many ways, but usually in reference to peeling it (?)

  79. pronounced ‘chul soo’ – a person’s name commonly used (like ‘Johnson’)

  80. pronounced ‘chin chin’ – slang derived from a Japanese word for penis

  81. pronounced ‘shi-aw dgee dgee’ — used by children & translates to ‘little chicken’

  82. pronounced ‘dee-aw’ — can be formal or informal

  83. pronounced ‘nan ren na who-ar’ — translates to “men’s thing”,  is subtle & less offensive

  84. pronounced ‘lao uh-ar’ — commonly used, translates to ‘the second thing’

  85. pronounced ‘rou di’  — literally ‘skin flute’

  86. pronounced ‘yang-ju’ — formally used in writing

  87. pronounced ‘yeen  dg-ing’ — the formal term for ‘penis’

  88. pronounced ‘gee ba’ — the most common slang

  89. The native language on the islands of Aruba and Curaçao. Derived from African and Portuguese, with influences from English, Dutch, and Spanish.

  90. literally ‘ball’

  91. borrowed from Dutch & English

  92. literally ‘sweeper’

  93. Literally, ‘head of a Totolica’. A Totolica is a bird that looks bald. (This is not used very often.)

  94. literally ‘snake’

  95. literally ‘thing’

  96. formal term for ‘penis’

  97. Literally ‘ejaculate’, commonly used in insults. This is a word that could get you punched in the face.

  98. literally ‘stick’

  99. borrowed from Dutch & English

  100. used when referring to the member of little boys

  101. literally ‘bag of eggs’

  102. Literally ‘cluster’ (for example, a cluster of grapes), but rarely used in any other context.’

  103. literally ‘egg’

  104. Borrowed from Dutch (‘sausage’)

  105. considered vulgar

  106. translates to ‘wood’

  107. this is the most common term used in Brasil

  108. the penis of a child (that hasn’t reached puberty yet) or a very small penis

  109. literally means ‘cock’

  110. the penis of a child (that hasn’t reached puberty yet) or a very small penis — literally means ‘little cock’

  111. most common slang term

  112. the penis of a child (that hasn’t reached puberty yet) or a very small penis

  113. pronounced ‘zheneelka’ (literally translates to ‘the item you’re marrying with’)​

  114. formal term, pronounced ‘paynis’

  115. pronounced ‘pipeeska’, used by young children

  116. pronounced ‘peeska’, used by young children

  117. pronounced ‘saseeska’ (‘sausage’)

  118. pronounced ‘hen’, literally means ‘horseradish’

  119. pronounced ‘huee’, vulgar & often used in anger

  120. pronounced “ch’lee-en”

  121. slang for a policeman’s stick

  122. literally ‘police stick of Dracula’ from the title of a 1970’s porn film

  123. refers to an erect penis

  124. literally ‘bird’

  125. considered less offensive

  126. used in the gay culture

  127. refers to a circumcised penis

  128. an uncircumcised (juvenile pre-pubescent) penis

  129. literally ‘Banana of Pacing’ from the title of a 1970’s porn film

  130. refers to an uncircumcised penis — literally ‘brown bag’

  131. literally ‘Eggplant of Badong’ from the title of a 1970’s porn film

  132. refers to a very large penis

  133. refers to a circumcised penis

  134. refers to a circumcised penis

  135. The Thai language uses lexical tones to differentiate words.  Different sounds can have a tone that is rising, falling, high, low, or mid-toned.  These are indicated in pronunciations by the first letter, i.e., R, F, H, L, & M

  136. pronounced graL juuR — a boy’s penis

  137. pronounced graL jiaaoH — extreme slang

  138. pronounced graL daawM — a man’s or male animal’s penis

  139. pronounced ‘kài’ — literally means ‘eggs’

  140. pronounced khuayM — an extremely vulgar term

  141. pronounced ‘nguang cháang’ — literally means ‘elephant trunk’

  142. pronounced ‘jŏo’

  143. pronounced jaoF nuu— a boy’s penis

  144. pronounced naawngH nuuR — a boy’s penis

  145. pronounced leungM — means ‘lingam’, a stylized phallic symbol of the masculine cosmic principle and of the Hindu god Siva

  146. pronounced huaaR khuayM — means ‘cockhead’, an extremely vulgar curse

  147. pronounced ‘hăm’ — term used in Isan province, literally means ‘testicles’

  148. pronounced ohngM khaH chaatF — formal term for ‘penis’

  149. pronounced aiF juuR — a boy’s penis

  150. pronounced aiF jiaaoH — a boy’s penis

  151. pronounced aiF nuuR — a boy’s penis

14 thoughts on “477 ways to say ‘penis’

  1. Continuing in the Japanese realm: chinko, chinbo, chinboko, penisu (seriously, a guy in a family bathhouse in Kyoto asked me if I had a bigu penisu, which he then slapped), ochinpo (which is a bit hilarious, because it probably means “honorable penis”), nikubou, mara.

    Ochinpo wa oishiso desu ne!

    Spanish: El Jefe

  2. Korean words are pretty good. I just want to add few more words.
    소중이(So Joong Yi): it can be used for both male and female private part. cute way to say it.
    육봉(Yuk Bong): A slang to call penis. It comes from Chinese character and it means meat+pole.
    남근(Nam Geun): Generally way to call penis. Pretty old word. It means Men’s root. Lol.

    Hope this makes some interesting adding. 🙂

  3. 10 in Tagalog: titi, burat, tektek, kargada, tarugo, turat, buto, batuta, putotoy, ratbu.

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